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Texas Holdem Poker Rules – How To Play

This type of poker is the most played and popular poker, being also very easy to understand. Each player receive 2 cards , that only him can see them, and on the table are 5 cards , common for all the players. The strongest hand, or the winner hand, consists of 5 cards: the 2 cards each player has in his hand and 3 cards from the table. If two players hold a hand that is equally strong, the pot will be divided equally.

Texas Holdem is divived into 4 betting sessions , where each player can make a bet.

Playing a hand of Texas Holdem

The stages for this type of poker are the following :

  1. The Dealer

The game begins by designating the Dealer. This is done by rotation and the player who is considered a dealer is marked with the letter “D”. On the next hand , the dealer will be the player to the left of the current dealer and so on.

  1. Blinds

The first two players to the left of the dealer (marked with D) will make small blind bets, respectively big blinds.

  1. Pre-Flop

Each player receives two cards and the first player to act is the player right next to the one who set the big blind. In this moment each player at the table can play and they can do one of the following actions : call (bet a certain amount), fold (quit this hand) or raise (raise the stake). Each player must pay the blind + the possible raises to see the first 3 books. In case of the player who made the small blind, he must pay only half of the big blind (the other half being paid by the small blind) + any the possible raises . The last player who can take action is the one that made the big blind and he will be able to : call ( pay to see the next 3 cards), fold (quit the hand) or re-raise (a re-raise).

  1. Flop

At this stage , the first three cards will be turn with the face up on the table and all the players who did not fold in the previous step will start a new betting session. Actions that can be taken are: check (to pass the action to the next player), fold (quit the hand), raise (raise).

  1. The Turn

The 4 card is turn with the face up and like in the previous stage a new session of betting will take place , of course only players who have not fold will participate.

  1. The River

The last card is turn and the last session of betting is taking place. This will end when one of the players will bet and the rest will call, without re-raise. After that , all the players cards are facing up and a winner is decided. The winner will take all the pot gathered after the betting sessions.

After this stage a new poker hand will begin an will continues until only one player remains on the table (in case of a tournament) or until you decide to withdraw from the table.

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